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Triple Glazed Windows – Triple Glazing

Triple Glazed Windows - Triple Glazing

28mm Triple Glazed windows44mm Triple Glazed Windows

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Make your home more energy efficient, sound proof and secure with Sureglaze Triple Glazed Windows. Sureglaze offer two types of Triple Glazed Windows; 28mm Triple Glazed Windows and 44mm Triple Glazed Windows.

Depending on your property a Sureglaze home adviser would be able to advise further as to which would be more suitable for your home.


28mm Triple Glazed Windows

A 28mm triple glazed window has a U Value of around one which surpasses the current UK window rating system which only goes up to an A rating (a maximum window U Value of 1.4W/m2K). Read more.


44mm Triple Glazed Windows

A 44mm triple glazed window has a maximum U Value of 0.8W/m2K, this window not only surpasses the current UK window rating system but also meets the Passivhaus standard and is a zero carbon emission window. Read more.

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More Info: Triple Glazed Windows

All our home advisers carry samples of the 28mm triple glazed window and the 44mm triple glazed window. Both systems are also available in a range of colours.

Make your home warmer and quieter with Sureglaze Triple Glazed Windows, [iphorm_popup id="5" name="Get A Quote"] Get your free quote now[/iphorm_popup].

Energy Efficient Triple Glazing

Older single glazing had a U value in excess of 5W/m2K, and when double glazing was newly introduced a U value of +3W/m2K was installed as the norm. However, after the recent introduction of some building regulations to the window and door industry, any window that is installed now must have now have a maximum U value or be no worse than a 1.8W/m2K. Sureglaze triple glazing can bring that figure down to less than 0.8W/m2K.

Sureglaze triple glazed windows are dual argon gas filled, with warm edge dual spacer bars, excellent for improving energy efficiency or for sound proofing. Sureglaze triple glazing is made using a fully sculptured profile coupled with argon filled low e coated glass.  Sureglaze triple glazed windows were also one of the first in the UK to be certified to the Passivhaus standard. Save £££’s on your bills and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time, triple glazing offers you more security, energy efficiency and overall makes your home more warm and more peaceful. See some of the many benefits of Sureglaze triple glazed windows below.


  • A+ Rated for energy efficiency
  • Zero Carbon Window Available
  • Document L compliant
  • Security enhanced and approved to BS7950
  • 72mm frame outer frame as standard
  • 28mm glass unit as standard with 44mm glass unit option
  • Decorative sculptured edge detail on all faces
  • Multi chamber profile
  • Profile integrated gasket
  • Internally glazed for enhanced security
  • Fully steel reinforced
  • Fusion welded
  • Dual Argon gas filled with low E coated glass
  • Dual warm edge spacer bars
  • Fire escape compliant hinges with easy clean feature on all requested side opening windows
  • Multi point locking systems with upgraded locking points for large openers as standard
  • Variety of coloured handles


The Sureglaze triple glazed window uses dual argon gas filled units which means the energy efficiency is vastly improved as it consists of three panes of glass as opposed to one or two and filled with twice the amount of argon gas to double glazing. Sureglaze triple glazed windows also come with dual warm edge spacer bars further improving the energy efficiency and sound proofing.

Triple glazing is the perfect solution for those who live next to a busy road, school, airport or even if you are a night worker, Sureglaze triple glazing is just what you need to keep out all of the unwanted noise or even if you are looking to keep noise in.

Sureglaze triple glazing also has amazing security advantages as the window frames are not only fully steel reinforced but all our window hardware also comes ‘Secured by Design’ which is a police preferred standard.

Sureglaze triple glazed windows are available in over 150 colours.

  • Scratch resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • RAL code colour palette
  • Virtually maintenance free

28mm Triple Glazed windows44mm Triple Glazed Windows